May 24, 2008

actions are the measure, not thoughts

I am posting from my phone, hence no link, but reading the papers today this pissed me off so much that I had to vent some spleen and this is where I do it.

Rizwaan Sibir was recently released from prison after being held for six days for downloading the wrong information from the Internet. Six days in prison because the state decides that it does not like you researching something you feel it is important to learn about. That is just wrong. He should not have been inside for six days, of two days, or even 24 hours. He should not have been arrested at all. Information is not a crime, listening or reading is not a crime. Thought is not a crime. The state has no place dictating the limits of acceptable inquiry. The state has no place dictating was can and what cannot be discussed in any way shape or form. With the latest attempted, and bungled, Islamic terrorist attack learning more about the paucity of Islamist thought and the immoral nature of Islam itself is not something that should be banned. It should be encouraged. Let everybody learn what kind of shithole they want to lead us into, a world where non-Muslims are second class citizens, where there is state approved murder of gays, a world where women are treated as mere tools for reproduction to be kept imprisoned in their houses. Let everybody know that this ideology leads its followers to care so little about life that they are willing to throw away their own in order to kill and maim. Under the glare of untrammelled inquiry they will be shown to be the pathetic nilhilists that they are, consumed by self hatred for the way that they cannot resist our culture, and would rather die than admit that it is the West that they really want rather than the culture of the death cult that they have been indoctrinated into. Let the battle of ideas be joined and we, the West, will win because our ideas are better.


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